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Where can I sell my old tableware?

Other questions we get daily here at Watts are “do you offer appraisals?” and “do you buy second-hand merchandise?”.  Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is no.  That said, we are grateful that so many people think of Watts first and reach out to us in both regards.  We especially love to hear stories from people who purchased their “wedding china” from us fifty years ago and are now passing it onto their children!  However, George Watts only sells first-quality merchandise, purchased directly from the manufacturer; no factory defects, third-party, markdowns, second-quality, or otherwise used merchandise in our store.  When you shop with Watts, we stand behind our products because we know exactly where they came from and we believe in the vendors we represent within our walls and online.

And when George passed away in 2005, we lost a huge wealth of knowledge.  before he became extremely busy with his political career, customers could walk in the front door with a prized vase, walk right up to George’s desk in our main room, and engage him in conversation about the origin or value of their possessions.  We still pride ourselves on having a vastly knowledgable sales staff, with years and years of industry experience, we can not offer appraisals at our store at this time.  You will, however,  find that our staff can answer just about any question you have; from setting a formal table for brunch, to what the traditional gift for a 23rd wedding anniversary is- experience and know-how you won’t find at a big-box retailer.  And if you made a purchase in recent years, we will gladly look up your order history!  We do recommend others for appraisals and resale purposes.  Please see the list of our friends below, and please tell them that Watts sent you!

Milwaukee Appraisals

Peter Bentz

(414) 988-2462

Nationwide Appraisals

Christie’s (NYC)

(212) 492-5485

Joan Miller Antiques (Chicago)

(312) 280-0971

Lillian Naussau (NY)

(212) 759-6062

Sotheby’s (NYC)

(212) 606-7010

Jeffrey Purtell (Steuben Expert)


Resale & Consignment

Chattel Changers

2520E. Capitol Dr

Milwaukee, WI 53211

(414) 961-7085

Legacies Limited

7922 N. Port Washington Rd

Fox Point, WI  53217

(414) 352-8114

Replacements Limited

1-800-REPLACE (737-5223)


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