In 1825, François Baignol set up business at “LA FABRIQUE” right on the edge the Brigueuil Forest, founding one of the first porcelain manufactories in that area. A true innovator and visionary, he was the first to pioneer gas firing techniques in Limoges, sparking a veritable revolution in the porcelain making profession. Henri SEIGNOLLES and his partners acquired “La Fabrique” in 1962. They made significant investments, undertaking a total overhaul and transforming the existing manufactory.

With the acquisition of a new high firing tunnel kiln in 1976, a new site was needed and the “ancienne Route d’Aixe” manufactory was built in Limoges. Today, the company premises are still located on this site.Thanks to its high firing techniques, J. SEIGNOLLES became the first manufactory in Limoges to craft long-lasting porcelain decorations unaltered by time and guaranteed to be dishwasher-safe.

Upholding artisanal know-how by producing porcelain manufactured and decorated exclusively in Limoges, J. SEIGNOLLES offers a range of creations made of extra white fine china paste. Our artisans strive to combine the time-honored tradition of elaborate inlay ornamentation with a more contemporary collection created by renowned designers for a fresh, modern feel in perfect harmony with today’s world.

In 2008, the manufactory was awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label by the French State, in recognition of its excellence “made in Limoges” and in honor of the skilled hands that have lovingly crafted its products over the centuries: hand painting, inlaying, sanding, burnishing and designing fine china. Our artisans and craftsmen have earned a reputation for excellence at fine restaurants and famous dining tables across the world.


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