The Seguso Company is based in Italy, on the island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. Seguso represents one of the oldest family traditions in the world and one of the larger companies in the Murano Glass district, offering a wide range of products and selection of different brands. Seguso along with their prestigious brands has operated in the art glass and design industry in Murano since 1397. Throughout this time they have also been a part of several cultural activities related to the Venetian tradition of excellence. Seguso Viro creates on the island of Murano where glass has been made for centuries and where, consequently, we have developed an artistic expression of our own. The creation of “Collezioni” of objects, rigorously hand made by our glass masters, the simplicity of the instruments,the heat of the furnaces, the magic of Venice... all these evocate a deep feeling of antiquity, stimulating new identities: 22 generations, the natural evolution of our family history.

Watts carries the largest collection of Seguso in the Midwest, with many exclusive or limited designs. Please call 1.800.747.9288 with specific requests not shown here or to check availability. Watts has the ability to order any of their thousands of designs, even if it is not shown online.


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