Made in America Simon Pearce first came to the States in 1981 from Ireland as a master glassblower. Seeking independence from European business constraints and high energy costs, he completed the restoration of an old woolen mill on the banks of the Ottaquechee River. Today, the entire facility with its restaurant, potter's workshops and his glassworks runs using hydroelectric power generated by the river. Pearce's passion has grown his company to 4 facilities, each representing another opportunity to employ American workers who hand-craft his wares after a 3-5 year apprenticeship. The craftsmanship traditions of 18th and 19th century European glass making have been translated into effortlessly modern collections of tableware, ranging from off-hand-blown glass to stoneware pottery, each with the rusticity and warmth that is his trademark, and perfectly blending with all manner of home d├ęcor styles.


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