Clover Mini Frame

The Michael Aram Clover Collection is inspired by the magical folklore and spiritual tales surrounding the plant. Throughout history, the clover has been associated with sacred powers and virtues, and was thought to embody miraculous powers of luck and good fortune. Michael's interpretation captures the lucky spirit of the clover in a fantastical and playful motif.

"I find it intriguing that such a tiny plant could embody so much potency historically and spiritually. Individually, the four-leafed clover symbolizes the promise of fortune and luck. In bunches, though, they are even more captivating to me. I am especially fond of the clusters the clovers create…bunching together to form delightfully amorphous yet whimsical shapes."

Aram's work reflects humanity through the directness of the handmade process, as each piece is lovingly made using age old traditional techniques. The artisan nature of the work imbues it with a soulful quality and an energy, which Aram feels is only possible with work, which reflects the hand of the maker. This energy is further enhanced by the tension of line, form, and meaning that is characteristic of Aram's work. As extraordinary objects, they cause us to pause and consider them, and therefore create a sense of ritual and ceremony in their day to day use.

  • Price: $49.00
  • Model: 175850
  • Color: Nickelplate, Goldplate
  • Dimensions: 3.5" wide x 4" long

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