Caduceus Desk Box - Medical

Honor the person in your life in the medical profession; doctors, nurses, researchers, educators, etc. Anyone will appreciate this lovely crystal desk box with the iconic medical symbol engraved on the lid. A Starcut detail is on the bottom side of the box. 4" diameter.

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Elegant and historic, Watts is the place to purchase a gift of true heirloom quality, have mementos engraved to celebrate a special life event, or recognize a colleague. There are so many occasions when it's appropriate to salute a strong leader or recognize a leading team. Whether you require a dignified and prestigious gift for the chairman of the board or a symbolic sculpture for the developing leader who illuminates the way for others, you will find a gift from George Watts that is absolutely perfect for the occasion.

Most pieces may be personalized with monograms, logos, names, or inscriptions to make them even more memorable. Have it gift wrapped in our iconic Gold Gift Box, of course! Contact Watts Corporate Service at 1-800-747-9288 to speak with a specialist in gift giving who can assist you in finding the perfect item to reflect your business with dignity and imagination.

  • Price: $69.00
  • Dimensions: 4"dia

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